Paige St. John

3 years at the News

A Lullaby (for Haley Rainer Wark, born March 9, 1996)

Haley child star child sing a song of smiles child gone gone gone are the goons child the spies the lies the rooftop flies the jackboot is kaput child Haley bo, Haley bo soft sing sweet sing sing low canned canned the C-E-O, bo scram scabs sham crabs damn back stabs sold souls for dough, bo

Haley boo, baby boo wink a blink and nod, boo pay back pay bills pay due, boo no checks no hams no picket stands the price is low for you, boo Haley child star child star nail in the tire child outside shines the moon child dreamside ringside our side is inside the jackboot will be kaput child

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