Floretta Alexander

5 years, Detroit Newspapers

I can't go back to work if the union doesn't tell me to. I support my union. Without a union you don't have a mouthpiece on the job. It's been hard. Mentally, it's been a terrible thing to be looking where your future's going. I don't have a college degree. I'm 51. I'm too old to be running from job to job. I'm a grandmother. I'm not there for my grandkids like I should be. Financially I'm scared. I can't buy much. That first Christmas I couldn't buy them anything. I collected some food from the food bank. I got a free turkey and I fixed them a big dinner. I had the time. Everybody loved it. One thing that hurts is that my neighbors on both sides still take the paper. I hope when they need some help I'm strong enough to give it.

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